What Is Wroxer?

WROXER combines the entertainment value of professional wrestling with the “As Real As It Gets” component of MMA and injects the result into the production of the WROXER animated series, ultimately geared towards connecting KIDS to their adaptive inner fighter. In summary, WROXER teaches Kids the art of adaptation & navigation of life’s challenges through an MMA Superhero’s journey.

WROXER is a “global, lifestyle brand encompassing entertainment, fashion, and retail merchandising”. The core philosophy of the brand is “success through adaptation” and they will use this message to introduce a whole new demographic to the MMA genre – KIDS.  Just as the MMA fighter adapts to different fighting styles in the cage in order to win, they will teach kids (and parents) how they need to adapt to all sorts of situations in order to be successful in life.  Kids will get important life lessons, and parents will be more comfortable introducing children to the sport of MMA and lifestyle.