Dongi “The Ox” Yang To Meet Hard-Hitting Jae Young Kim In The Main Event Of TOP FC 1

After a long layoff, former UFC middleweight standout Dongi “The OX” Yang is back and will face a very durable fighter in Jae Young Kim in the main event of TOP FC’s inaugural show on June 29, 2013 in South Korea.

Yang and Kim are two of the most well-liked middleweights in South Korea. They have the same fighting style – stand and bang. Both guys are capable of knocking anybody out with a single blow.

This is a very intriguing fight as Yang will face a fighter as talented and powerful as he is. Yang’s wrestling and endurance might be the biggest factor for this fight as besides from being famous for his punching power, Yang proved that his endurance and wrestling can keep up with some the best middleweights in the world. But don’t count Jae Young Kim out as he is also dangerous both feet and on the ground. Kim has a very deadly striking game and a descent ground game as he has a 3 submission wins in his career over Hee Seung Kim, Kelvin Fitial and Charles Troglen.

Don’t blink because somebody might get knocked out!